About Walt 3D

Hello! My name is Brian Walt! I am the owner of Walt 3D LLC, a company dedicated to providing custom solutions for plastic, metal and other hardware related products. Walt 3D LLC was established in 2015 with one 3D printer and a dream, to utilize modern technology to assist customers/companies in designing, prototyping and producing sustainable and efficient products to meet their specific needs. Quality and detail are core values of Walt 3D LLC and what we strive to achieve when working with every client. Walt 3D LLC has the ability to work in a large variety of industries and has done so in the past in a vast amount of applications. The technology we have at our fingertips allows us to design, prototype and if need be mass produce parts in record time allowing objectives to be reached much quicker and at much more budget friendly prices. Whether you a 1 person show looking for a small part to be 3D printed, or a Fortune 100 company who has a part that needs to be reverse engineered and manufactured we are able to help you bring your ideas to life. Walt 3D LLC really has no limitations to what we can print, design, mass produce or make. A project can be anywhere from prototyping parts and products, assisting in full scale production and management, or providing parts that are complimentary to your existing company, such as jigs or tools. The great thing about our knowledge and resources is that the reach of our limitations is only limited to what the imagination can come up with.

Some of our projects…

Some clients we have worked with include the following:

Some of our projects we’ve worked on with a variety of different companies are displayed to the right and you can view more of our projects at the Gallery.

Here’s what our clients are saying

Walt 3D was absolutely awesome!! I came to them with a problem and an idea for a solution. They designed the parts in house, 3D printed them and shipped the parts very quickly and at a great price!! Thanks so much Walt 3D!! Your service is amazing!!

Jerry S. (Google Reviews)

Brian works extremely hard to bring his clients Ideas to life. He goes one step further than a traditional designer and also brings manufacturing into the equation which is HUGE.

OWArmor OWArmor Videos (Google Reviews)

Brian is on point!  Not only did he make the correct (and discontinued/unavailable) part for my saw, he did it at a reasonable price, made it correctly, and even got it to me a day earlier than his estimate!  He’s sharp, knows what he’s doing, energetic, and he got my job done and done right. I definitely made the right call when I contacted him. His knowledge, ability, professionalism, and promptness got me back in business in just a few days. Recommended with enthusiasm!

John D. (Yelp)

Thank you Brian, for printing out a great small etching press I can use while I travel to do miniature collagraphs. Your service was extremely professional, quick and exact. You obviously are very familiar with all the types of files and terms necessary to print. Thank you for your help and good luck with your business! If anyone is a printmaker and wants to build a small etching press, Brian is the man to help you out!

Emily E. (Yelp)

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