Walt 3D LLC can help you in many phases of the following areas with our skills sets, expertise and global resources. Here are the major services we offer, but in general there is no one size fits all solution so we strive to provide custom solution to fit our customer needs on our daily basis:

Cad Design

Using specialized software, we at Walt 3D LLC can assist in taking your idea, sketches and reference material and relay that information into our drawing software’s, this process is known as Computer Aided Design (CAD). Designing parts and projects digitally allows us to be extremely precise and make changes on the fly. Best of all CAD makes it possible to take your idea and turn them into visual models in 2D/3D space, and even produce actual physical prototypes and eventually mass producible parts when the time comes. Computer aided design and producing real world physical parts go hand and hand and CAD is the first step usually taken in producing and designing a new part. Once a CAD design is produced it is very easy to then export the design, analyze it, and produce files for the product/idea to manufactured using more traditional manufacturing methods or more modern ones such as 3D printing. Developing ideas, prototyping them and mass producing them have never been so easy and CAD is the medium in how we relay and prepare that information for the making of a single model or a million-piece production run. To continue, choosing CAD to model you part digitally opens the doors to more ways to test and analyze parts, pieces and models. Using CAD, we can run stress analysis, run material simulations and see where parts might wear or fail before any prototypes are even made and make needed changes to produce an improved superior design sooner rather then later. (Below are some examples of basic cad design drawings and customers can visually inspect parts before moving onto prototype and production phases).

Watch this video to learn about the history of CAD Design!

Patent Design Drawings

On a regular basis Walt 3D LLC works with our clients to make their visions come to life using techniques that are often unique and specific to accomplishing their intended products’ goal or function. This is where IP protection comes into the mix and the multiple ways to protect unique ideas, designs and information. The best ways to seek out this protection is by obtaining or filing a patent, either design or utility to be more specific. When IP protection is needed Walt 3D LLC has a couple of go to resources if the need ever arises for IP protection to be sought out. We are not experts in filing patents, but we work with patent attorneys and lawyers regularly to file and seek out the best protection available when it comes to making sure our customers breakthroughs remain their property and can not be used and implemented by other parties. CAD in this instance is another tool that allows us to provide patent drawings for the flinging of IP information on an as needed basis. Patent drawings and diagrams are usually 2D in nature and are provided in patents to show visually what is being described in words or how a part/product functions, works or is why it is made a certain way. Without professional patent drawings it is generally nearly impossible to fully convey all the information needed when it comes to describing and protecting important information and functions of a product. (Below is an example of a basic diagram used in a patent we have assisted in filing)

So, what exactly is a patent and why does every engineer need one? Watch this short video to learn more about a patent!

3D Printing and Prototyping

As touched on before CAD design allows us to do quite a bit of amazing things once we have files in hand, whether you need help producing these files or have them in hand already Walt 3D LLC wants to assist you in turning your ideas into real world physical models. When an actual prototype is produced there is quite a bit of things that can be done with these prototypes. When prototypes are in hand, they can be used for things such as testing, proof of concept, marketing material, picture/video content, fundraising campaigns, pre orders and much more. Walt 3D LLC can help you in producing prototypes made from metals and plastics in all shapes and sizes. In house we currently have three top of the line entry level manufacturing grade 3D printers with our largest build volume being 12 x 12 x 12 inches. For larger prints we are able to work with one of out manufacturers to develop a print ready file that we can then have made and shipped to us for final post processing and cleaning. And if need be we can sand, sand, clean, paint and even print full color models. As for metal parts Walt 3D LLC is able to produce files for CNC processes, forming and stamping; and working with out metal shop resources both domestically and overseas we can produce parts for you to spec quickly and reliably time after time.

Watch this short video to learn all about 3D Printing!

Production of Plastic and Metal Parts

Along with making models and prototypes Walt 3D LLC can also assist individuals, startups and large companies in taking parts and products to the next level by assisting in the manufacturing process. Using CAD files, prototypes already in existence and other mediums we can provide custom fit solutions for products to be made from scratch or for existing products to be taken, reverse engineered, changed and improved on. No matter what the case we have the ability to use our resources to the then bring the project full circle and make your hardware in the most efficient, sustainable, and most cost affective way possible. Our knowledge of traditional manufacturing methods and resources include but are not limited to: machining, casting, forming, stamping, vacuum forming, extruding and vacuum forming just to name a few. We have manufactures we work with domestically and overseas with a long and well working business relationships. We have NDAs in place with all of our manufacturers that allows us to keep your ideas safe and produce them easily and consistently time after time. When it comes to manufacturing Walt 3D LLC understands that each customer has unique ideas and projects that require custom fit solutions and we are hear to assist all our customer’s, big and small, in the production process to make sure they obtain the highest quality parts, at the best cost to keep margins in the green and things affordable for all.